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Why Targeting High Value Keywords Matters

If you are looking to achieve success in the world of inbound marketing, then you need to pick the right keywords. Targeting high value keywords is an important part of inbound marketing, and so is targeting the ‘long tail’ – the more obscure keywords that show strong searcher intent.

You will get a steady stream of traffic (that is highly likely to convert) from the long tail. The real traffic, however, will come from the high value keywords. A lot of people think that targeting high value kwkeywords is a waste of time and money because those keywords are expensive, higher competition, and less likely to convert than the long tail. However, you’re missing one important thing. Very few people convert on their first contact with a brand.

Those higher value keywords are the ones that will get your brand in front of the biggest number of people, and the ones that will help you to really get noticed.

It takes several exposures to a brand before a customer will decide that they want to make a purchase. You need to build trust, and you need to make it so that people are actually interested in engaging with the brand. That’s what those high value keywords can do.

If you have a good landing page, you can even get conversions from those initial contacts. You can get them to sign up to your mailing list, or to engage with your brand in other ways – following them on social media for example.

If you’re not sure what keywords to target, the Moz keyword tool is invaluable for working that sort of thing out, and will help you to make the most efficient choices so that you don’t burn through your budget on expensive clicks that won’t convert.

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SEO Tips for Google Maps Rankings

Tips For Ranking Business In Google Maps

If your business is not gaining traction on Google, it is time to look at Google Maps listings in the organic search engine results (from the business side it is called Google My Business) as a way in. Sometimes, you need to optimize the way your business is being displayed on the search engine.

Many businesses don’t have a proper outlook when it comes to this and is using older methods that don’t work any longer.

So, what should a person be doing when it comes to their business and Google Maps? Here is a look at the best things for ranking the business on Google Maps as soon as possible.

1) Link Out To Google Maps Page For Reviews

Google Maps Reviews Example

Google Maps Reviews Example

User reviews can make or break your ranking as a business. You don’t want negative reviews, but if you can trust the business and what it does, you will want to provide access to the listing directly from your site.

This will entice people to leave reviews on your Google Maps listing.

Sometimes, people might want to leave good reviews, but don’t know where they should do it. If you are the one giving a link, they will be inclined to follow through with their intentions.

2) Update Listing

The listing should be updated as soon as you can get to it. If the listing is not updated with the right contact information, the you are never going to rank.

Google is not going to rank listings that are old and are not being often updated.

Look through all the information and then move towards the rest of the tips in this read.

You want to have the foundation down, and that begins with everything being up-to-date. If the information is incorrect, how is the listing going to help the business even if it ranks? Get this spot on first.

3) Add Listing To Directories Online

Is your listing providing enough inbound links? You want to have websites connecting back to the listing as much as possible. This is going to show Google, you are the real deal and should be ranked.

This is why it is best to have the links spread out. You want to connect to local and national directories as soon as you can online.

You should also be looking to add a link to your website.

You want to seek out other sites in the niche to see if they are willing to add your Google Maps listing to their page. This might be possible in a few niches that are out there for you to use.

4) Include Keywords In Listing

Do you have enough keywords in your listing? Google is going to be sending bots to help with the ranking of your listing, so you have to add in keywords.

Remember, this is just like SEO, so you are not looking to spam the keywords.

You want to make it flow and ensure the listing is still reading as well as it should. This is when you will be able to get the business to rank online.

5) Use Location Keywords

It is important to use “location” keywords when it comes to your listing.

Let’s use an example to describe what this means. Suppose you are a hotel in Las Vegas.

You would look to add in keywords such as “visit the Las Vegas [Name of Hotel].” The goal is to associate the city with the hotel’s name.

This is the best way to go and will help gain the rankings you are looking for. Remember, Google is a search engine, so you need to add in these keywords for it to pick up the listing.

As long as you are implementing all of these tips as soon as you can, the results will come. You will be able to see your business shoot up, and the leads are going to come in because of this. Some people are not ranking their businesses as well as they should, and that is why they are being held back. You have to know what to do when it comes to the business and its place in Google Maps. Without control, you will never be able to get the business to rank upwards as needed.

Your business will rank when you use these tips.

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